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No One Is Exempt


Reports estimate around 400 physician suicides yearly but these statistics are almost certainly underestimated. Physicians suicide rates are about twice the general population. (1.41x for male and 2.27x for females). Physician suicide rate is twice the rate of active duty military members.

The sad part is that the military has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and treatments. In medicine, we have been given code lavender and wellness programs. We deserve more than this.

Resource List:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline / Crisis Intervention Service
1-800-273-TALK (8255). Available 24/7. 
Texting Available 8am-11pm PST.

Text 273TALK to 839863
Crisis Text Line.  If you want to reach out by texting go to their website by clicking 
here.  24/7.


 Nebraska Medicine/UNMC

  • Peers In Need of Support (PINS): [email protected] (for employees)
  • House Officer /Resident Assistance Program (HOAP): 402-689-1033 (for residents).  You may call or text this number.  
  • Counseling appointments: 402-559-7276 (for students)


Resources for any NE doctors (you don’t have to be a member)

  • LifeBridge Nebraska - Nebraska Medical Association: 1-888-569-2036

Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation and Physicians Foundation is a wonderful resource.  Click here to go to their website page "Action Guide for Individuals". 


September 17th is National Physician Suicide Prevention Day.  Click here

to go their website.